We have started our very own Podcast “Bear Hugs” (thanks to Alex Hughes from Shift Momentum for this).

We have just started out so the episodes will appear here soon.

What is it?

Its a podcast where we discuss business, the highs, lows and in-betweens and really talk about topics that we are passionate about or that others have asked questions about.

Will you have guests?

Hell yes! we’re planning on getting more and more people involved and seeing where you (our community) want us to take it.

Bear Hugs: Episode 101
So we’re just starting, getting out of our own comfort zones!

In episode 1 Dave Sheppard Big Bear Creative and Alex Hughes shift momentum discuss the love of business, their emphasis on continued learning and also a laugh at their recommended videos on YouTube!

Have something you want to know about – cool, just email [email protected]¬†and let us know what you liked, hated or wanted more of . . .