Creating a mood board for your branding project is a simple process that will help build a picture of your brand and the elements it should comprise of, ie colours, style, fonts, etc.

At Big Bear Creative, we start every new logo and branding project by creating a branding mood board.


How Does a Branding Mood Board Help?

A branding mood board can clarify what’s important to you and your business. It will help you visualise what it is you’re striving to achieve with your brand and to communicate this effectively to your target audience. 

This is an important step in building a picture of your brand and its personality. It can help your designer to understand where you’re coming from and will help you to come out with a brand you’re happy with that looks and feels right.


Getting Started

Describe your Brand

List the top 5 words that describe your brand, or how you’d like your brand to be perceived.


Find Somewhere to Collate Your Images

You’ll need somewhere to collate the images you collect for your branding mood board. We find Pinterest works well for this as you can collaborate with others (colleagues, or your designer), add comments to your images and view all your images quickly and easily in one place. You can also create different boards if you want to look at different options.


Start Collecting Images

Using your brands descriptive words as a guide, it’s time to begin your image hunt for inspirational and aspirational images! You can search on Pinterest as well as other sites and platforms, and then pin any appropriate images to your Pinterest board. Look at colours, fonts, graphic styles, textures, patterns, photography as well as any other elements you feel are relevant to your brand.



Once your branding mood board has several images, say at least 15-20, it’s time to review your findings and look for patterns. This may be a colour that keeps popping up, or a certain style to the imagery or fonts. Keep these patterns in mind as you move forward and search for more images to begin building a ‘picture’ of your brand.


Moving Forward – Get An Expert Opinion

Once you’re happy with your branding mood board ask for an expert opinion, to help you move forward with your branding project. You can talk with your designer to discuss your board and see what they suggest in terms of creating your own logo and branding. They are likely to have suggestions which you may not have thought of already, in terms of how to translate your branding mood board into an actual logo and brand for your company.

When thinking about your company branding it can also help to fill out a Branding Questionnaire – you can read more about this as well as how to prepare for your new brand here

So, go forth and get stuck into your branding mood board – if you’d like some advice and suggestions on your own board, feel free to email me a link and I’ll let you know my thoughts 🙂

Emma Sheppard

Emma Sheppard

Branding and Design Director

Emma is a Branding and design expert who started her own business and never looked back. Founder of Big Bear Creative which was started after having her first child Noah. Supporter of women in business and nurturing startups.