So you’ve decided that now’s the time to invest in a new brand for your business. You may be a start up, or a more established business that’s in need of a fresh new look and feel.

Branding your business is a very important task and you should consider the designer you decide to work with carefully. Branding should be a fun, inspiring and rewarding experience and, if executed correctly, it will lift how your clients and potential clients view your company.

So what can you do to help you find the right designer and to increase the odds of coming out with an awesome brand that does just what you need it to?

Start by understanding what you need in a brand

Begin with some research. What are you looking to achieve with your branding? Who is your target audience/ideal client? What makes you different from the competition? How does your product / service make your customers feel – happy, reassured? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you to shape your brand voice and also to begin thinking about how it should look. How to prepare for your new company branding

Creating a brand mood board will help you to start building a visual picture of how your brand will look. Think in terms of the kind of graphic style, colours, fonts and imagery that would suit your brand. Your designer will likely have other suggestions once the branding process gets underway, but a mood board will help them understand what you’re thinking from the beginning as well as the kind of style you like. How to create a brand mood

How much will you invest in your brand?

Branding your company is an investment that will be with you for a long time. Price is important of course, but you should also look at the value you’re getting for your financial investment, rather than simply going for the lowest price. Think about the budget you have available and whether this is sufficient to get the outcome you require.

Approach some designers

Start by approaching designers whose work you love, and whose style reflects the kind of thing you’re looking for in your own brand. If a designer’s portfolio is mainly full of very corporate work, but you’re looking for something really fun, funky and different to the norm, then you should probably ask yourself if this is really the right designer for your project. Finding a designer whose style aligns to what you’re looking to achieve will generally make the process smoother.

Will you work together well?

Chances are you’re likely to be working with your chosen designer for a while, initially on the branding process itself, and usually for subsequent projects and advice moving forward. It’s therefore important to make sure they’re the kind of company you actually want to work with!

From the time you first make contact, notice how they correspond with you. How long does it take for them to respond to emails and does this fit with the way you like to work? Are they available to take your phone calls, or do you need to arrange a call in advance? Do they seem like the kind of people you will get on well with? Do they show an interest and excitement about being involved with your branding project or does it seem like it will be just another job to them?

Designers work in a variety of different ways, so it’s important to find one who aligns with your way of working. Ask them for some information on how they approach branding projects and the steps that are involved, as well as the kind of timescales you’d be looking at. How much involvement will you be expected to have in the project? Do you want a designer who will walk off into the sunset with your brief and not contact you until they have some designs for you to look at? Or would you rather have a designer who is more collaborative; who will discuss the project and do some initial research with you, or even come and work in your offices during the process in order to tweak designs to exactly what you want?


There’s definitely a lot of things to consider when choosing a designer for your branding project. So go forth, do your research and find the best options available to you. Then go with your gut feeling as to which will suit you and your brand the best, whilst delivering the results you want.

Emma Sheppard

Emma Sheppard

Branding and Design Director

Emma is a Branding and design expert who started her own business and never looked back. Founder of Big Bear Creative which was started after having her first child Noah. Supporter of women in business and nurturing startups.