Video is a powerful way to convey information. As technology has progressed so have internet speeds and the ability to stream information.

I’ve been banging the drum about how good video is for some time now. My personal opinion is that video is easier to consume. The majority of the time when you are looking online for help with a task, the chances are you’ll be able to watch an instructional video, probably on YouTube.

It’s no coincidence that platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and even Facebook videos are so successful.

Video is processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than text. So if you want to engage your website visitor video is the way to go.

According to a recent study by Usurv, if you want visitors to your site to share and interact with your content, delivering it via video is the way to go. Consumers are 39% more likely to share content if it’s delivered via video, 36% more likely to comment and 56% more likely to give that video a coveted “like”.

It also matches up with the fact that due to technology we’re leading busier lives and often we need more than just written words to engage us fully and grab our attention.

Explainer Videos

At Big Bear Creative we love video. We’re going to be using more and more video across our own site as time goes on and we even offer help to our customers by recording our screens when we’re trying to explain more complicated tasks and scenarios.


If I wrote a paragraph about all of our services, even if it was written really well you would probably get distracted or something may interrupt your train of thought. By using video we can get across our message easier and faster than if it was just written word.

Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I’m passionate about learning new things and advancing the knowledge I have in my field. I love reading text on a subject but I’d rather attend a spoken word event. If I can’t do that I’ll consume as much video on the subject as possible.

TED talks are a massive hit on Youtube for example. Video recordings of live presentations allow me to fully engage with the subject being spoken about and also allow me to see wonderful visual and video examples.

We work closely with a neurological care and rehabilitation centre, whose care pathways are often quite complicated which can make them difficult for patients and their families to understand. We’ve created several infographics to simplify their care pathways so they’re easier to digest, and have recently taken it one step further in this animated video (embedded below), which breaks the infographic down into bite sized pieces.

We think videos are a great way to get your business seen and to get your message across quickly and affectively, so please do get in touch if video is something that you’d like to explore further for your own business.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on video vs. text content [email protected]

Dave Sheppard

Dave Sheppard

Director & Educator - Big Bear Creative

Dave has taught his courses to over 1,200 students worldwide and now is Director of Big Bear Creative, a design and marketing studio near to Cambridge in the UK.