Harness the ultimate power of your beliefs

We are the creators of our own reality. We create the world we see by filtering out what we perceive to be irrelevant information and focusing on information which is relevant to us – every second of every day.

Our brain gives attention to everything we choose to focus on and deletes, distorts and generalises what we don’t consider relevant.

How much do you focus on the things which empower, enrich and motive you?

At our last Break Through Your Blocks! event, which took place at the end of September, we spoke about the power of our beliefs and how we can make them work for us.

Tell me your beliefs and I tell you what your life looks like.

In the below video, I offer you a succinct, yet impactful, summary of the event. This includes some important neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) models, practical applications and tips on making our beliefs work in our favour (and not against us).

I explain what beliefs are and how we create them, the power they have over our lives on a conscious, and the more powerful, unconscious level.

Change your limiting and disempowering beliefs for beliefs which motivate and empower!

Sonja Kirschner

Sonja Kirschner

Sonja Kirschner MA

Sonja Kirschner MA is the founder of APOWER 3 - Confidence Coaching, Resilience Building & Mind Freedom®. She is an accredited coach and is passionate about empowering women leaders.